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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fruit Moulding

Fruit moulding , square shaped water melon
Did you know that fruits and vegetables can be moulded into desired shapes based on your fantasy , yes it is possible , by placing immature fruits and vegetables in plastic moulds and allowing them to mature inside the moulds , we can obtain fruits of various shapes depending on our requirement  , the fruit or vegetable as it matures gradually takes the shape of the plastic mold . The shape of the fruit or vegetable solely depends on the shape of the mould in which it is placed for maturing. Sources say that this technique  actually originated in Japan but currently Chinese are expanding this technique and turning it into a commercial business , A Chinese company called  Fruit mould  are offering already grown moulded fruits and vegetables of various shapes as per  the consumer's requirement  for sale , they  also provide  instructions and plastic moulds   for those who are  interested in growing fruit moulds in their garden . You can either purchase ready made moulded fruits or if you are interested in growing them by yourself you can buy the plastic moulds with instructions from the company. for more details visit the companies website Fruitmould.com

Moulding fruits was initially started so that the fruits could fit inside the refrigerators easily and  for the ease of cutting , but now it has turned into a commercial business as the demand for these fruits is increasing. Moulded fruits are desired mostly for aesthetic purposes and are available in few super markets , but  the cost of these moulded fruits are 3 to 4 times the cost of the normal ones since the cost and labor input for growing these crops is more compared to that of the regular fruits. Fruit mould  (Chinese fruit moulding company) is now shipping molded fruits and vegetables of various shapes based on the consumer's fantasy and also their plastic cases all over the world , so the irregularly shaped fruits are now accessible to everybody and anybody can grow it in their own garden , growing these kind of fruits in your garden would increase the aesthetic value of your garden and also will attract your children towards working in the garden. It also improves your skill since growing these type of crops requires skill and  patience.

How to Mould Fruits : 

Step :1  . Select the fruit or mould you want to shape , it should be in immature stage and smaller than the plastic mold. The mold is usually made of polycarbonate plastic.

Step :2  . Place the fruit in the plastic mould and then join the mold with proper screws and cover the mold . Care has to be taken that the crop is getting enough light and water.


Step :3  . Harvest the fruit once it has filled the mould completely , the crop has to be harvested at the right time or else it might result in breaking of the mould.

Step :4 . The crops placed in the molds have to be carefully observed for the right time of harvesting otherwise it might result in deformation of fruits or breaking of the moulds.