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Monday, 27 March 2017

Agriculture Quiz - 1

1. Which Indian State is Popularly called as the "Egg bowl of India" ?

A. Karnataka

B. Andhra Pradesh

C. Tamil Nadu

B. Uttar Pradesh 

2. Which Indian State has highest Agriculture  area under Irrigation ?

A. Karnataka

B. Kerala

C. Punjab

D. Maharashtra

3. Which Indian State is popularly known as the 'Spice garden of India" ?

A. Maharashtra

B. Karnataka

C. Kerala

D. Tamil Nadu

4. The Great Bengal Famine of 1943 was caused by the Pathogen                               ?

A. Helminthosporium oryzae

B. Cercospora arachidicola

C. Phytopthora infetans

D. Bipolaris sorghicola

5. Which Indian State is Popularly known as the "Rice Bowl of  India" ?

A. Chattisgarh

B. Punjab

C. West Bengal

D. Andhra Pradesh

6. Who is called as the "Father of Green Revolution in the World" ?

A. P A Millardet

B. Dr M S Swaminathan

C. Norman Ernest Borlaug

D. Vasily Dokuchaev

7. The great "Irish Famine" that caused over 1 million deaths was caused by the pathogen               ?

A. Phytopthora infestans

B. Plasmodium falciparum

C. Erisiphae sps

D. podosphaera xanthii 

8. Which Indian city is known as the "Tea city of India" ?

A. Darjeeling

B. Dibrugarh

C. Trivandrum

D. Nilgiris

9. Which English Agriculturist is known as the "Father of Tillage"?

A. Vasily Dokuchaev

B. Authur  Young

C. Jethro Tull

D. Adam Smith

10. Which Country is the largest producer of Silk in the World ?

A. India

B. China


D. Japan

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